StagePro uses the patented RYNO truss system that is based on original drawings by StagePro founder, Jay Waller. The aluminum system is modular and flexible, but retains strong reliable structural integrity.

RYNO Truss Systems utilize an integrated apex system on vertical towers with 10' lighting truss. The roof contains a standard par can based lighting system. By integrating the lighting system and roof, the need to hire separate lighting and roofing companies is eliminated. The 10' X 10' apexed grid assembly is capable of supporting several tons (dependent on it's configuration) and is convenient for acts to suspend extra equipment.

RYNO Roof Systems are unique in their design. Most roof systems are not apexed and shed rain poorly. Industry standard apexed roofs often add the apex assembly to a square grid, then suspend the lighting system underneath. This method adds bulk and labor to assembly time. This was before the RYNO Roof System.

Roof Footprints
105 x 37.5 - 10 Tower System
45 x 35 - 4 Tower Ssytem
45 x 35 - 6 Tower system w/ wings
65 x 37.5 - 6 Tower system
85 x 35 - 8 Tower system

Gig Pics
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